Flavor: Banana Ice Cream 5%
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Luto Pro Vape is specializing in the disposable vape pen and customization vape hardware. We have the most innovative hardware designs and put the best tasting flavors into our devices.

Discover an awe-inspiring collection of vapes from Luto’s Pro XXL series that promises nearly 3000 puffs. Transform your vaping experience with a smoother tasting draw and a thicker cloud.

    • 12mL Pre-Filled E-Liquid

    • 5% (50mg) Nicotine Strength

    • Mesh Coil

    • Approximately 3000 Puffs


This product is available in the following variations:

Cool Mint 5%
Rich Tobacco 2.8%
Cubano Tobacco 2.8%
California Tobacco 2.8%
Turkish Tobacco 2.8%
Golden Tobacco 2.8%
Grape Ice 5%
Smooth Clear 5%
Smooth Clear 2.8%
Classic Clear 5%
Classic Clear 2.8%
Orginal Tobacco 2.8%
Orginal Tobacco 5%
Virgina Tobacco 2.8%
Virgina Tobacco 5%
Clear 2.8%
Clear 5%
Strawberry Bubblegum 5%
Red Energy Ice 5%
Blueberry Ice%
Blueberry Ice 5%
Wateremelon Skittles Candy Ice 5%
Watermelon Ice 5%
Strawberry Donut 5%
Red Apple Ice 5%
Strawberry Ice 5%
Fruity Love 5%
Strawberry Watermelon 5%
Skittles Candy 5%
Vanilla Ice Cream 5%
Mango Ice 5%
Cotton Candy 5%
Gummy Bear 5%
Mango Ice Cream 5%
Banana Ice 5%
Blueberry Cotton Candy 5%
Wild Berry Ice 5%
Blackberry Ice 5%
Peach Ice 5%
Banana Ice Cream 5%
No Flavor 2.8%
No Flavor 5%

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